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Anette Kithier

Surface designer


Thank you for stopping by!


My name is Anette Kithier, I am a surface designer from Düsseldorf/ Germany.

I grew up in Munich, learned to restore archaeological ceramics in Tuscany, Italy and furniture in Munich. After working for a few years I studied Industrial Design in Vienna/ Austria and Amsterdam/ The Netherlands.


If I find the time between drawing and my three kids I love to sew clothes with my own patterns on them, growing vegetables, baking bread and playing cello.


I am happy to get in contact with you, please drop me a message!

info (at)


Playing cello and gowing vegetables. Or playing cello in the middle of vegetables, may be they grow faster then.... or not..


We had a little acre; the first year I harvested 80 kg of pumpkins.

My family did not allow me to grow pumpkins the following years anymore.


......the genius rules the chaos....

I thought I´d just be honest: I do not have a clean and organized working table, if - for a few minutes - it is just an invitation to start with a new project.

But if you ask me to find something, I´ll get it in a second. At least in this aspect, I feel like a genius!



Swafing GmbH

Wrapping paper


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